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Dr. Tarek personally showed me a few exercises to help recover and heal in good time which were far more effective than the therapy sessions at rehab.

Barbara V.

I felt I was in good hands because Dr. Tarek gave his best attention and showed genuine care by spending time explaining the surgery in detail on the DVD which we watched together.

Barbara V.

Prior to consulting with Dr. Tarek, I had been to three orthopedic doctors but none were as supportive and comforting as Dr. Tarek.

Barbara V.

Their expertise, experience and professionalism have allowed me to live a fuller and more fruitful lifestyle. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!.

T. Philip

From the moment I met Dr. Tarek, I knew he was the one that could improve my orthopedic problem. I have now completed two separate surgeries and the improvement in my condition is even better than expected. Thank you Dr. Tarek!...

T. Philip

I appreciate the time you took to explain me the reasons of the pain and what needs to be done. Even the operation and the few days after were much easier than I expected. My mum suffers for years with shoulder pain and I thought that it is my future too. I wish I knew about these operations years ago...


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