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Dr. Tarek is a very smart, presentable, experienced doctor, he understands well how to treat his patients, supports them not only from the physical point of view but also from the emotional feelings for his patients.

Sherif E.

What you will get from Doctor Tarek is clear feedback and straight talking. I can highly recommend Doctor Tarek and have done to several friends and business colleagues.

Emma B.

My treatment by Dr Tarek Abdel Tawab has been a really positive experience and just over one week after the surgery I can’t believe how good I feel. This is in complete contrast to my treatment and recovery after having the same operation on my other knee in Germany last October.

Claudia A.

It is his impeccable bedside manners, professional yet cheerful attitude that had me smiling and confiden all the way into the O.R.

N. Abu Zaid.

I can not express enough gratitude or thanks to the surgical team that did the surgery on my shoulder with a special thank you to one of the most professional, skillfull and courteous physicians; Dr Tarek abdel Tawab.

N Abu Zaid.

By lending that personal touch, I felt special and secure. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Tarek to anyone who may require orthopedic consultation or surgery.

Barbara V.

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